You chose between giving the residents full control and bill them for their usage or limit their access in case they do not pay the bill and therefore reduce the heat bills by 25%-30%

Our control panel is able to eliminate resident access:
  • Set the Temperature to the minimum legally allowed as a default
  • ​Receive alerts in case of high or low Temperature
  • ​Set the system to shut down in case the outside Temperature reaches a certain point

Why choose Smart-Sub?

For many reasons:

  1. We only have 1 component - thermostat! which means low cost, easy installation and low maintenance
  2. Only we give you full access to track your  individual unit usage in hours and minute! LIVE
  3. Our system is the most accurate. Period. 
  4. No Payment No Problem- if a tenant is not paying his heat portion, the system can block his interface setting his temperature at the minimum required by law
  5. Patent pending technology gives you the ability to accurately allocate and identify waste
  6. Full control - only our system can  fully control and set the temperature in each apartment and eliminate resident control which means over 25%-30% in heat bills
  7. our smart algorithm can decrease/shut off the heat in case the outside temperature reaches certain point and saves money    

The installation process requires minimum work, it can be as simple as changing a thermostat, we will set up the thermostats for you pre-ship and once you install them in the apartments you would be able to control and see usage live within minutes.

The installation requires the following: 
  • each apartment must be zoned separately with a zone valve, or we can help you do it 
  • you would need to provide wifi to the building, we can help you build the network
  • Since our thermostats are smart, each thermostat would need a "C" wire

Efficient Web Based Heat Separation System and Lockable Smart Thermostats For Apartments & Landlords

Our patent pending web-based software allows us to allocate and bill heat consumption by measuring run time from each thermostat in a certain month and therefore by comparing a single thermostat to the rest we can allocate usage individually and accurately.

Full Control

For units that under rent control or does not pay for the heat we can set the temperature to a set point which is both comfortable for the residents but at the same time does not keep the apartment over heated and therefore saves on heat expense. our average savings varies between 25%-30%
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How does it work

Once the system is in place you would be able to monitor resident usage online, export data onto the residents ledger where you can bill them for their individual use Smart Sub Energy can handle all billings aspects including mailing bills to residents and collections
  • we will mail the residents statements each month and create ledgers to each so that both you and the residents can gain access and track payment history
  • your residents are able to pay via check or online and a reimbursement check is mailed to you each month

How do I start?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to start:

  1. Contact Smart-Sub energy for a property survey - get a quote on the spot
  2. make sure all units are individually zoned, with separate zone valves or get a quote to separate them
  3. install wifi throughout the building -we will help you set up the network
  4. install our smart thermostats and watch it live in minutes

our billing department will connect with your residents and send them bills each month and will provide with customer care for your residents including billing questions, tech support and more.

The money collected from Smart-Sub energy is going to be sent to the owner on a monthly basis